Kindergarten Party Tips

Throwing a Kindergarten Graduation Party


There are several things that you need to consider when you are getting ready to throw a kindergarten graduation party. You need entertainment to keep the kids busy. A bounce house rental is a great form of entertainment. You can get a bounce house rental from any party rentals shop.


The bounce house will serve two purposes:


  • Keep your young guest busy
  • Be the focal point of the party


When you have a bunch of children that you are trying to entertain at a party you need to be able to offer up something that just about all of them will enjoy. A lot of parents make the mistake of going with a clown or a magician and frankly at this age clowns and magicians can be a little scary. A bounce house rental is welcoming.


As the focal point of the party it sort of lets you off the hook because you can design games around the bounce house. Games like highest jumper, longest jumper, funniest jumper can all be rewarded with small toys bought from your local dollar store and everyone can win at something in the bounce house. You can even reward the child that sat down the longest.

Your Food Choices


Of course when you are throwing a kindergarten graduation party you want to be able to serve foods that all the party goers can enjoy so you will want to serve food that is least likely to be a source of sensitivity. Hot dogs are a good choice. Avoid anything containing peanuts. Avoid soft drinks to keep down the hyper activity. Serve juice and plenty of water.


You can set up an ice cream station where children can make their own sundaes. Set out several containers of different kinds of ice cream, toppings and other items that they can mix in with their sundaes. Little people love creating their own treats and this is a fun way to let them have a little control over what they eat.


Fun for Everyone


Remember that there will be adults as well so plan for their company by getting them involved in the festivities as well. That bounce house rental can be a great way to get mom’s, dad’s and even grandparent’s up and playing. Let adults participate in some games as well, the children will get a kick out of it and it will be fun for everyone!

Parental Alientation

Hi This is Georgia. I asked a friend of mine to guest post some information about parental alienation. He sent me this:


It is the brainwashing of kids. You got it right, I said brainwashing. This is how it works.  At least this is my experience.

“Oh, don’t trust your dad. He doesn’t have your best interest at heart. I am the only one that has your best interest at heart.” When someone plays that record 50 times, soon the kids begin to believe it.

It’s kind of the same reason that affirmations sort of work. The problem is with children they don’t have as much in the way. So the record plays freely and clearly loud and clear all day.

Your ex-spouse separates the child from you. You don’t have a chance.

It sucks!

PAS is becoming a severe problem. Although I believe it’s always been a problem. The other day a friend told me that his friend had kids that never even really knew him until they were in their 20s. The reason why was because the mother refused to allow any of the gifts, cards, messages or otherwise reach the children.

It wasn’t until the mother died a tragic death that the father and the children were reunited. On a side note, it kind of makes you wonder if there’s really is something of such as karma.

I heard an attorney say that the backlash against the alienating parent is horrendous.

If you have lived in these circumstances, then you know, the backlash can’t come fast enough.

Days of isolation are long and arduous. And I find myself sometimes going to resignation.
After all how can you fight for your kids, when they simply perceive it as you being aggressive towards the “Saint” parent? There is definitely a difference between fighting for your kids and giving in to manipulative control by ex-spouse.

I’ll tell you more about my personal experience in another post.